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24 April 2019: The Childhood of a Leader


The Childhood of a Leader
Brady Corbet, 2015, 116 min
English & French with English subtitles

Brady Corbet and Stacy Martin will be in conversation following the screening.

"Brady Corbet [...] delivers one of the most audacious directorial debuts of the year [...] with this allegory of totalitarianism in the wake of World War I. Loosely inspired by the writings of Jean-Paul Sartre and Margaret MacMillan, The Childhood of a Leader is a nightmarish coming-of-age tale charting the early stirrings of despotism in a French choirboy (chillingly assured newcomer Tom Sweet), whose father is a high-ranking diplomat assisting President Woodrow Wilson in the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Corbet’s ambitious reflection on the dark forces of history features a special appearance by Robert Pattinson and a thunderous orchestral score by avant-garde icon Scott Walker." – BAM

Part of our tribute to Scott Walker