Close Up

16 March 2020: Nostalghia


Andrei Tarkovsky, 1983, 125 min
Italian & Russian with English subtitles

“Look at [Nostalghia] as though it were the window in a train traveling through your life,” Tarkovsky advised. The film follows the itinerary of a Russian intellectual in Italy on a nebulous research project; its breathtaking procession of images parallels the protagonist’s mental state, disorientation approaching the sublime. Shot mostly in Tuscany, this is a pilgrimage to ruined but magical spaces  a remote chapel of miracles, a decrepit pool where, it is said, Saint Catherine of Siena once bathed  that suggest both the decay and the eternality of faith. Tarkovsky envisions a place where apocalypse may be imminent, but a single candle flame could save the world.  Juliet Clark

Screening to mark the Italian writer, poet, and screenwriter Tonino Guerra's (1920-2012) centenary. Part of our essential cinema series.

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