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15 - 16 February 2020: Jonathan Rosenbaum on Portabella & Saeed-Vafa

We’re pleased to welcome American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum for a weekend of screenings and masterclasses.

Day 1: Pere Portabella

Portabella and Continuity: How Portabella's cinema is in many ways largely concerned with issues of continuity, in every meaning of that term: historical, thematic, narrative, discursive, poetic, musical, stylistic, formal, and political. Rosenbaum will address these issues through Portabella's filmography as a whole, with particular emphasis on Vampir-Cuadecuc and Warsaw Bridge. To conclude the Liberated Film Club’s two-month Pere Portabella retrospective, A Worm’s Tail View is Often the True One, we’re extremely proud that Pere Portabella himself will also join us – making this his first and only London appearance to date.

1pm-2.15pm: Vampir-Cuadecuc
2.30pm-3.45pm: Warsaw Bridge
4pm-5.30pm: Jonathan Rosenbaum: Portabella and Continuity
5.30pm-6pm: Q&A with Pere Portabella
6.30pm-8.10pm: Hortensia/Beancé

Day 2: Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa

The interfacing of Art, Criticism, and Autobiography is addressed in Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa's Jerry and Me, which tells the story of her life in Iran and the U.S. via clips from Jerry Lewis films, and A House Is Not A Home: Wright or Wrong, her first feature, which addresses the connections between two dysfunctional families and architecture – the Rosenbaum family in Florence, Alabama and the Frank Lloyd Wright house designed for them (today a museum), and the Saeed-Vafa family and two of their houses, in Tehran and Chicago. As part of his discussion, Rosenbaum will call upon his own memories and impressions of the Wright house and those of his brother Michael, who lives in London.

4pm-6pm: Jerry and Me + A House Is Not A Home: Wright or Wrong
6.15pm-7.45pm: Jonathan and Michael Rosenbaum on Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa
8.30-10.00pm: Saless: Far From Home + A Simple Event