Close Up

21 February 2020: The Liberated Film Club XII with Stewart Home


It's not dark yet: the shallow months of 2020 watch the final commencement of the Liberated Film Club at Close-Up.

Established in 2016 by Winstanley Schtinter as a completely undeserved gift to London's so-called "cinema culture", the Liberated Film Club screens titles lost, suppressed, impossible, and otherwise unobtainable. Its monthly iteration at Close-Up invites a special guest to introduce a film which neither they nor the audience know in advance of screening. As John Akomfrah, one of the previous guests put it: "the premise of these events is the premise of cinema itself. You will not know". Recent guests have included Laura Mulvey and Dennis Cooper.


We are delighted to welcome writer and artist Stewart Home to introduce this instalment of the Liberated Film Club.

Stewart Home is the most out there writer on the planet - the only person on earth who is visible to the naked eye from outer space! He really does burn that brightly. The London Review of Books has praised Home by saying: "I really don't think anyone who is at all interested in literature has any business not knowing the work of Stewart Home." However, this notorious egg bagel eater prefers to liken himself to "a proletarian comedian with Tourette's spewing obscenities". He much prefers standing on his head and reciting sexually explicit passages from his work at public events to courting the literary establishment.In 2018, Home published Re-Enter The Dragon: Genre Theory, Brucesploitation & the Sleazy Joys of Lowbrow Cinema (Ledatape Organisation, Melbourne 2018).

The Liberated Film Club is curated by Winstanley Schtinter. He is the creator and director of Princess Diana's second funeral, the Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2 and the Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 3.