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27 November 2021: Edge of Frame: After Images


It is 10 years since the artist, filmmaker and animator Robert Breer died and his impact on experimental animation practice is greater than ever. After Images presents a range of work by contemporary animation artists who have built on Breer’s myriad formal and conceptual innovations, taking his lead into unexpected new directions.

Breer’s work collides radical discontinuity with cartooning and found materials, formally daring one moment, daftly humorous the next. This selection brings together a diverse range of work that connects to Breer’s in different ways, but is by no means a definitive survey, and indeed not all the films were made consciously or directly under his influence. Rather it reveals interesting connections between a range of new work and Breer’s, with the aim of stimulating ideas and questions about his legacy from a number of different perspectives.

Elizabeth Hobbs, Stuart Hilton and Jack Greeley-Ward will be in attendance for a Q&A session

Pink Shoes, Robin Clifford Ellis, 2020, 1’30 min
6 Weeks in June, Stuart Hilton, 1998, 6 min
Ñam, Elena Duque, 2014, 2 min
Aqua, Ira Vicari, 2021, 11 min
Summer Fashion, Peter Mack, 2021, 1 min
I’m OK, Elizabeth Hobbs, 2018, 6 min
Unsubscribe #1: Special Offer Inside, Jodie Mack, 2010, 4’30 min
La Mar Salada, Elena Duque, 2014, 3 min
Intermediate Landscapes, Richard Negre, 2018, 9’30 min
And, Peter Mack, 2016, 1 min
Blue, Jack Greeley-Ward, 2021, 3 min
Reservoir, Micah Weber, 2021, 8 min
Enough to Drive You Mad, Karen Yasinsky, 2009, 2’30 min
Palms, Mary Helena Clark, 2015, 8’30 min

After Images is one of two programmes curated by Edge of Frame for London International Animation Festival 2021, the other, Fvoom! The Animated Films of Robert Breer, an online only selection of Breer’s own work, will be available to view through the LIAF website for 48 hours from Friday 26th November.