Close Up

16 December 2021: Ste. Anne


Ste. Anne
Rhayne Vermette, 2021, 80 min
UK première

Commissioned by the Indigenous-led COUSIN Collective, Canadian Métis filmmaker and artist Rhayne Vermette’s award-winning debut experimental feature has been described as ‘‘Paris, Texas set in Treaty 1 Territory’’. Unbounded by the conventions of narrative cinema, Ste. Anne immerses the viewer in the sounds, textures and atmosphere of her native Manitoba, and anchors its eerie narrative in a young woman’s return to her indigenous Métis community. As her arrival unsettles her family and wider community, Reneé begins to form dreams from fragments of her past, and ominous premonitions disrupt the land.

Curated by Emily Wright as part of the Film Studies, Programming and Curation MA at the National Film and Television School (NFTS).