Close Up

9 June 2022: Animation Brüt


Animation Brüt is a rejection of conventional storytelling and image making. It embraces the gestural, the fervent, and the fevered dreamers of sequential imagery. Animation has limits, Animation Brüt embraces them and licks the wrapping for more flavour. Featuring CGI lacerations, hammered steel stop motion, and queer yearnings fuzzed out on magnetic tape. Curated by Sam Gurry, Animation Brüt is a night of experimental animation, presenting 12 films by creators outside its traditional paradigm who seek to break down its boundaries.  

Lizard Ladder, Ted Wiggin, 2020, 5’30 min
windows_h264_01, Ingo Raschka, 2017, 1’30 min
Lessons in Baby Dyke Theory, TJ, 1995, 3 min
aziz-e-man, Annapurna Kumar, 2021, 3’15 min
Squish, Tulapop Saenjaroen, 2021, 18 min
Up Close, Sam Gurry, 2021, 3’30 min
Julia, Julian Gallese, 2018, 2’30 min
Ruisdael Clouds, James Thatcher, 2020, 1 min
a flor singela, Gabriel Pesso, 2021, 2’30 min
R1CT, Natalie Baber, 2022, 4’30 min
Stilton’s in Charge, Jonni Phillips & Victoria Vincent, 2016, 4’30 min
Candy Kisses, Allyson Mitchell, 1999, 3 min
Heavy Metal Teddy Bear, Nanny Lynn, 1994, 7’30 min

With thanks to Jackie Turpin