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26 November 2022: Edge of Frame: Heavenly Bodies


Introduced by programme curator, Edwin Rostron

This programme focuses on a rich seam of experimental and independent animation exploring the possibilities of the cartoon body, often in wild and subversive ways. We find ostensibly cute and colourful characters afflicted with all the unpredictable physicality of our own human bodies. Animators working in this territory often use it as a route to deal with secrets, embarrassments or trauma, employing the liberating potential of animation. Bold new films by Peter Millard, Kate Renshaw-Lewis and Chris Childs mix with historical work of a similar bent, from trailblazing animators Karen Aqua and Adam Beckett. The programme also showcases several essential noughties works from Amy Lockhart, Emily Hubley and James Duesing. Human and human-like creatures abound, often engaged in dubious activities, with varying levels of mischief, pleasure, confusion and sorrow.

Heavenly Bodies
Karen Aqua, 1980, 3 min

An astronomical love story.

Belly Talkers
Kate Renshaw-Lewis, 2021, 8 min

A nervous homebody ventures out into a daunting world.

Library of Paradise, Garden of Pain
Chris Childs, 2021, 3’30 min

In a luscious garden, a sickly man is cared for by a group of strange librarians.

Walk for Walk
Amy Lockhart, 2005, 11 min

A colourful tripped out animated landscape filled with catchy songs, eyeball kicks, goofball char-acters, and a great variety of babies: Warm Baby! Mister Baby! Rich Baby! And more!  

Bus Film
Chris Childs, 2022, 3’30 min

A group of activists travel to London on a dream-like bus.

Please Let me in
Peter Millard, 2022, 2 min

please let me in. i want more. let me in.”

Amy Lockhart, 2012, 9 min

Created on the Amiga Emulator. Using Dpaint to create the visuals and DMusic to create the soundtrack. 

Emily Hubley, 2006, 7 min

Musical tones play with shifting symbolic images to create moments when things mysteriously come together.

Tender Bodies
James Duesing, 2003, 8 min

A sinister yet humorous animation about events witnessed by a genetically altered unicorn.

Flesh Flows
Adam Beckett, 1974, 7 min

Intricate animated line drawings, erotic and surreal, are transformed during three chapters from their base existence at the beginning into a continuous flight through a space filled with luminous clouds of flowing purple and turquoise gases. Hence we are shown a path from the carnal to the cosmic.

This programme is presented as part of London International Animation Festival 2022. More info: and