Close Up

13 November 2022: Hiwa + Molecole


Jacqueline Lentzou, 2017, 11 min

Jacqueline Lentzou’s nightmarish vision follows Jay, a Filipino man who wakes up in Manila, yet he dreamed of Athens, roaming the cityscape on a special quest to save his two daughters. Both surreal and contemplative, the city in this evocative short gradually takes on the appearance of the dream it recounts.

Andrea Segre, 2020, 68 min
UK Premiere

Shot between February and April 2020, Molecole follows its director as he navigates between the canals of a Venice seemingly frozen and emptied out of tourists, while reflecting on the memory of a turbulent relationship with his father. Blending poetry and simplicity, Segre’s intimate dialogue with the inescapable, which “simply poured out, like water”, reveals what lies beneath the now suddenly calm surface of a city floating between emptiness and disappearing, grandiosity and fragility.

Screening as part of (In)Visible Cities