Close Up

20 November 2022: A View from Above + El sembrador de estrellas + Terranova


View from Above
Hiwa K, 2017, 13 min

During an interview to qualify as refugees, people are asked detailed descriptions of the city they claim to come from, which are scrupulously matched to confirm they are telling the truth. View from Above is an audio-visual diary of struggle and solidarity, found somewhere between the map and the mind, the real and the fictitious.

El sembrador de estrellas
Lois Patiño, 2022, 25 min
UK Premiere

Award-winning director Lois Patiño crafts a mesmerizing nocturnal journey through a liquid Tokyo, where two voices travel through the city, talking about this and that, and say goodbye to everything. Between voiceover and literature references, El sembrador de estrellas is a metaphysical reflection on existence drawing the contours of the unreal.

Alejandro Pérez Serrano & Alejandro Alonso Estrella, 2021, 50 min
UK Premiere

Terranova is a city made of reflections, memories of other cities, and visions of the future. A city that defies the city. By grounding myths in a contemporary reading, Terranova is a poetic and philosophical subversion of the city symphony, moving on the margins of the surreal, between amorphous structures and distorted perspectives, and confronting us with a non-place made of concrete and abstraction, and with a question: “What is the city to you?”

Screening as part of (In)Visible Cities