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27 November 2022: Dante Is not only Severe


Dante Is not only Severe
Jacinto Esteva & Joaquim Jordà, 1967, 78 min
Spanish with English subtitles  

Introduced by Ehsan Khoshbakht

“The 'manifesto' movie of the 'Barcelona School' [is a] crazily freewheeling, pre-post-modern affair in which a wife tells her husband various jokes, stories and non-sequiturs, most of which are then 'illustrated' via dramatisations, stills and pre-pop-video sequences (owing as much to Godard as Buñuel.) The husband is played by none other than Pasolini's Christ, Enrique Irazoqui, the picture looks terrific, and the anything-goes flow of ideas and images is more often arresting than not – quite remarkable that such a loosey-goosey affair should have been made under Franco's dictatorship (but typical of Barcelona's anti-establishment traditions). By far the best sequence is the extended pre-credits opening, in which various trendy young folk (everyone in the film is beautiful or the next best thing) sit around listening to jukebox music in an open air cafe: looks like it was shot and cut yesterday. Remainder never quite matches the insouciant, rebellious charm of this prologue, but at 78 minutes Dante certainly doesn't outstay its welcome.” – Neil Young

Presented in collaboration with Filmoteca de Catalunya and the Department of Culture


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