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12 September 2022: In Focus: Betzy Bromberg 4


Voluptuous Sleep
Betzy Bromberg, 2011, 95 min, 16mm

“Betzy Bromberg’s Voluptuous Sleep is a mesmerising two-part 16mm meditation on the nuances of light, sound and feeling as evoked through the poetic artifices of cinema. Bromberg’s close-up lens becomes a tool of infinite discovery that reveals as much about our bodily sensations as it does the natural world. Combined with intricate and perfectly matched soundtracks, Voluptuous Sleep is a rapturous, re-centring antidote to the fragmentation of modern life and offers a new experience of cinematic time and memory. It is also an emotional tour de force.” – Steve Anker

Followed by a Q&A with Betzy Bromberg

Screening as part of the Open City Documentary Film Festival






In Focus: Betzy Bromberg 4 Sunday 11.09.22 6:00 pm Book