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16 July 2023: Age of Daydreaming


Age of Daydreaming
István Szabó, 1964, 105 min

Budapest, mid-1960s. A group of young engineers who have just graduated spend their holidays at Lake Balaton, between the lightness of youth and the anticipation of adult life. One of them, Jancsi, finds a job as a sound engineer. As he strives to develop new technologies, he soon comes up against older colleagues and clerks, who are entrenched in their own habits and mediocrity. His fellow students, with whom he spent so much time, are now far away, and the death of one of them also disrupts their sense of friendship. Someone else, though, has entered Jancsi’s life: Éva, a young lawyer passionate about human rights whom he saw on TV one day.

Screening as part of our retrospective on István Szabó