Close Up

23 September 2023: Content Anxiety: Programme Two


Notes From a Journey
Daniel & Clara, 2019, 72 min

Followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers

The first piece in the puzzle of artist Daniel & Clara's Avebury Imaginary project, Notes From a Journey uses images and sounds captured during a journey through the British countryside to Avebury stone circle as the material for an exploration at the edges of human perception and reality.

A film that has been described as a “visionary travelogue” and an “experimental folk horror”, Notes From a Journey invites viewers to take a trip through vivid colour fields, foreboding darkness, ancient mysteries and immersive soundscapes.

“This is not just a film about a journey but a film that is a journey in itself – Avebury and Silbury Hill are mysteries, we'll never know why they were made and what they were for but they impact us in profound ways nonetheless, they bypass the rational and ignite fires in some unknowable part of ourselves – we wanted to make a film that captured that feeling, a film as landscape, a first person encounter with the mysterious, both ancient and modern” – Daniel & Clara

The second of two programmes to accompany the group exhibition I'm Here But I'm Not A Cat at SET Kensington, running from 22nd Sept to 1st Oct 2023.

This programme features strobing which may affect photosensitive viewers.