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22 - 29 October 2023: Tale of Cinema


Tale of Cinema
Hong Sang-soo, 2005, 89 min 

“When a great filmmaker titles a movie Tale of Cinema, it’s a red flag to herald matters of great personal implication. With its immediate drama and its far-reaching vision of untapped possibilities, this movie fulfils that promise.” – Richard Brody

Tale of Cinema breaks into two parts, an opening half depicting an obsessive love story among unhappy youth and set against a backdrop of intergenerational conflict. The second part shifts focus to someone who has been a spectator of the events of the first part and the way that he misapplies the lessons he thinks he’s learned from his voyeuristic experience to his own life. The interplay between the two halves reveals the rift that Hong often tries to reconcile in his films: the depiction of lived existence on the one hand, and the aesthetic experimentation with visual and narrative form on the other." – DP

Part of our Histoire(s) du cinéma series