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26 August 2023: Tomorrow’s History Programme 2


When the Sea Sends Forth a Forest
Guangli Liu, 2020, 21 min

Through a 3D virtual universe simulated by a game engine intertwined with historical pictures, a lost moment of history can be experienced. The story revolves around the memory of a Chinese survivor of Khmer Rouge.

Still on My Mind
Jittarin Wuthiphan, 2020, 3 min 

Created as a School Project to “tell a story about myself in 10 existed-pictures.” Jittarin decided to reminisce about a traumatic event that happened in his hometown after a great passing, inspired by Angela Deane’s “ghost” animation technique.

To Pick a Flower
Shireen Seno, 2021, 17 min

A video essay incorporating archival photographs from the American Colonial Era in the Philippines, exploring the sticky relationship between humans and nature and its entanglements with empire.

Love Letters
Darren Lin, 2022, 25 min

Captured and imprisoned by the government, Liu Yao-ting is forcefully separated from his wife Shih Yueh-hsia. During this time, they write to keep their love alive. Eighty letters, lipstick-smudged and sweat-stained, are the vessel for their passion and the embodiment of their spirits.

Followed by a conversation with Lin Weilun

Screening as part of Tomorrow's History