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29 February 2024: Crows


Gordan Mihić, Ljubiša Kozomara, 1969, 76 min
UK premiere of the restored version 

Responsible for “writing” the Black Wave, master screenwriters Gordan Mihić and Ljubiša Kozomara directed only one feature film: Crows. Đuka is an ageing boxer struggling to make ends meet and, as he meets fellows as defeated as him, they decide to form a gang and begin to steal, cheat, and even kill for money. As the gang wanders through streets and crevices of rural towns, they begin to resemble the feathered friends of the film’s title. Led by Slobodan Perović in a marvellous performance and accompanied by a remarkable minimalist score by Zoran Hristić, Crows renders the fate of people on the margins of society and gives a distinctive voice to the rejected, despised, and dispossessed.

Screening as part of Innocence Unprotected: Reframing the World through Yugoslav cinema series






Crows Thursday 29.02.24 8:15 pm Book