Close Up

26 May 2024: Prisoner of Love: The Dead Dance (Takashi Ito after Jean Genet) introduced by Stanley Schtinter


Jean Genet - Saint Genet, Arena, 1985, 5 min extract 1985
Prisoner of Love, Takashi Ito, 2008, 20 min
Prisoner of Love: reading from the book by Jean Genet, 5 min
Spacy, Takashi Ito, 1981, 10 min
Ghost, Takashi Ito, 1983, 6 min 6m
The Moon, Takashi Ito, 1994, 6 min
Zone, Takashi Ito, 1995, 12 min
Monochrome Head, Takashi Ito, 1997, 9 min

Prisoner of Love is the final novel by Jean Genet, written with “the fine white heat of lifelong rage,” it recounts the two-year period he spent living in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Produced when many of the men he had known and loved had been killed, and he himself was dying, the text is “a reaffirmation of the author’s commitment not only to the Palestinian revolution but to rebellion itself.”

In 2008, Prisoner of Love was adapted for stage by seminal Japanese filmmaker Takashi Ito – known best for his extraordinary in-camera animation techniques and 16mm alchemy – who interprets Genet’s work as a video installation and a dance performance. Ito recruited his long-term musical collaborator Takashi Inagaki to compose the soundtracks for the work, which are being published for the first time through

Close-Up is delighted to present a multimedia event marking the release of this record, with Stanley Schtinter present to introduce Genet’s novel, as well as a selection of films by Takashi Ito, and never-before-seen fragments documenting Prisoner of Love’s Japanese performance.

Concluding the evening, guests will have an opportunity to listen to Inagaki’s soundtrack.

Copies of Inagaki’s works and other records from – including work by Trevor Mathison (Black Audio Film Collective), Dirk Schaefer (Matthias Müller / Peter Tscherkassky) and Jocelyn Pook (John Smith) – will be available. All label proceeds will be donated to MAP.