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18 April 2024: Strategies for Discovering Cinema: Helga Fanderl / Nicky Hamlyn


Helga Fanderl and Nicky Hamlyn will be present to introduce and discuss their work.

Helga Fanderl

Since 1986, Helga Fanderl has made over a thousand 8mm films that record encounters with events and images in the real world. She responds in an intuitive and highly concentrated way to the subjects in front of her lens, discovering cinematic rhythms and relationships in everyday life. Each of her films preserves and reflects the traces of its creation, as well as the sensations and emotions that she felt in the moment of shooting.

Films (2013 – 2023), Super 8, 30 min

Water Plants
Pictures of Paris for Dr. G.
Ironing in the Street
Playing Dogs
Conversation at the Beach
Jardin d’Acclimatation I
Leaves on a Glass Roof
Zoo Animals and Architectures
Circulation Tank

Nicky Hamlyn

Nicky Hamlyn’s 16mm films involve using the camera to explore his immediate environment, testing ideas about representation and the productive relationship between the lens, the frame and the form of his subject matter, which spans domestic, urban and rural spaces. His videos and expanded cinema pieces are equally rigorous, but the structures that he devises are always open in some respects and alive to the rewards of happenstance.

Object Studies, 2005, 17 min, 16mm
Panni, 2005, 3 min, 16mm
Pro Agri, 2009, 3 min 16mm
Three Video Sketches: Jaurès, Films and Pareo, 2013, 8 min

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This screening is supported by the Goethe-Institut