Art Education

Art Education


Feministic interpretations of famous paintings by Vermeer, Michelangelo and others

Oh Lady bright, can it be right?
Your window, open to the night?
Oh Lady dear, oh have no fear,
why and what are you dreaming here?
Strange is your pallor, strange your dress,
strange, you will be soon a mess,
and this in solemn silentness!
My love do sleep, oh may you sleep
with me be sure in sleep so deep.
Oh angel mine, oh have no fear,
will whole night stand on the ladder here,
will stand as long as hold will be the ladder,
and in the cold will hold my bladder.
By the way, want some ice cream?
No, No?
Old American poem, transformed by Maria Lassnig

Technical Specs

Director: Maria Lassnig
Year: 1976
Country: Austria
Language: English | German
Duration: 16 min
Colour: Colour
Certificate: E