Der Ort Der Zeit

Der Ort Der Zeit


"The film consists of a sequence of shots with a linear spatial and temporal continuity. Each shot is motionless, with no panning or travelling of the camera. The camera's position keeps moving to the right throughout the entire film. In this way a topographical recording of the area is created apparently without consideration of what is going on there. Events, people, places appear and disappear, without consideration of their own importance and logic, because the picture's progression is subject to its own rhythm. It is the cinema-topographic strictness that makes the events fragmentary. The shifting frame becomes a shifting meaning: Not only does the action not structure the form (as usual in the movies), the structure does not create an action, but, moreover, suspends the action and relativizes it.

This is also the theme of the film: The secret of objects in the huge space and time curve: the not-being-able-to-recognize, the not-being-able-to-grasp, the not-knowing. The curve is presented in the film as a miniature: 24 hours (morning, day, evening, night, morning) condensed into 40 minutes." – Hans Scheugl

Technical Specs

Director: Hans Scheugl
Year: 1985
Country: Austria
Language: German
Duration: 40 min
Colour: Colour
Certificate: E
Alternate Title: The Place Of Time