Dyn Amo

Dyn Amo


"lt's formative and necessary and a part of things to know about the tenderness, vulgarity, violence and selflessness that we're capable of at any one moment and in any one emotional sexual involvement. Dyn Amo is a film about all this, taking as its setting a strip-club, and as its subjects a series of strippers and their admirers." – Ros Spain

"Each of Dwoskin's films could be thus described: a man gazes at a woman who returns his gaze. This arm-wrestling match lasts as long as necessary; sometimes it's as soft as a caress, other times as intense as a demand. At times, fear, rejection, wounded pride, abandonment permeate this tense cinema, paralyzed by the camera gaze. As in a peep show, his films are watched in complete isolation. They speak to the solitude of us all." – Philippe Azoury

"Free and intimate, sensual and cerebral, experimental and political, Dwoskin's cinema is heir to the surrealists and Georges Bataille, to Andy Warhol and Jack Smith." – Isabelle Regnier

Special Features

- Memories of Dyn Amo (Pip Chodorov | Gloria Morano, 2006)
- 36-page booklet about the film by Jaqueline Holt