Flaming Ears

Flaming Ears


Flaming Ears is a pop sci-fi lesbian fantasy feature set in the year 2700 in the fictive burnt out city of Asche. It follows the tangled lives of three women: Sy, comic book artist; Volly, a performance artist and sexed up pyromaniac; and Nun, an amoral alien with predilection for reptiles. It is a story of love and revenge, and an antiromantic plea for love in its many forms. It is also a story laced with sex, violence and a pulsating soundtrack, a cyberdyke movie, stimulating both the body and the brain.
With: Susanna Heilmayr, Ursula Pürrer, Angela Hans Scheirl, Margarete Neumann, Gabriele Szekatsch, Anthony Escott, Luise Kubelka.

"Flaming Ears is a German Blade Runner characterized by a fierce, punky throb and gelatinous F/X. As sapphic thrillers go, it's twenty times more fun than Basic Instinct..." – Andy Warhol's Interview, June 1992

"Sexier than Sprockets, Flaming Ears hurtles into a future where the authoritative vobes of the universe belong to lesbian go-go dancers, pyromaniacs, and bouncers. This visually provocative science fiction thriller harbours ornate dialogues too outrageous to be pretentious." – Village Voice

"Playing with monstrosity and taking pleasure in violating taboos are both evident in the work of Angela Hans Scheirl and Ursula Pürrer. Since the early 1980s, female desire and pleasure in power form their central themes. With humour and irony, they pursue a break with tradition and boldly deal with outlawed aspects of feminine identity.

Between horror film and comic strip, trash movie and underground film, lesbian porn movie and fantasy film, the protagonists operate outside all spheres of tradition. They are horny, brutal, and on the hunt, savagely pursuing their desires. They stick hands and knives into their bodies, and blood flows." – Elke Schüttelkopf