Gertrude Moser-Wagner - Concept & Coincidence

Gertrude Moser-Wagner - Concept & Coincidence


"With her characteristic consistency Gertrude Moser-Wagner has viewed her work as a sculptress in the conceptual tradition – even at a time when other approaches were more in the limelight. She uses very precise artistic strategies, such as the transferral from one context to another, the strategy of declaring something-to-be-art, of making the spectator aware of processes, changes over the time or the ambiguity of objects and shapes." – Heidi Grundmann

Film Listing

- Lingual (1992, 8 mins)
- Kiosk (1993, 4’34 mins)
- Luftloch (1997, 21’47 mins)
- Vice Versa / Krakow-Krakau (1998, 19’12 mins)
- Ouroboros (2000, 3’07 mins)

Technical Specs

Director: Gertrude Moser-Wagner
Year: 1992
Country: Austria
Language: German
Duration: 56 min