Hans Scheugl - The Seconds Strike Reality

Hans Scheugl - The Seconds Strike Reality


"All of the films collected on this DVD have in common a focused and precise observation of spatial structures. Whether interiors, spaces that have to do with the material or cinematic spaces, whether the city of Calcutta or specific places in Vienna: Scheugl follows not only a precise plan, but also a linear – albeit not causal – logic of narration, which is based on a simple chronological progression 'one thing after another'." – Dietmar Schwarzler

"The interaction between reality and the man-made film event: Hans Scheugl (born in 1940 in Vienna, film-maker, theoretician of expanded cinema, underground film journalist) has been examining the material of the cinema since 1966, having spent years away from directing. Scheugl's films are formalist test cases: in Wien 17, Schumanngasse (1967), as subsequently in (Calcutta) GO (1993), he comes close to creating congruence of film time and real time. Scheugl elevates both the trivial and the material picked up by chance to the purely cinematic, and unlike many of his colleagues, he also reflects narrative cinema. The atmosphere itself, too, the conditions of projection and the manner of screening are all part of his work." – Stefan Grissemann

Founding member of the Austria Filmmakers Cooperative (together with Valie Export, Kurt Kren, Gottfried Schlemmer, Ernst Schmidt jr. and Peter Weibel) Hans Scheugl made numerous films and film actions between 1966 and 1968. He did some camera work for Weibel, Schmidt and Otto Muhl, and wrote many articles and books on film. Scheugl's films maybe readily understood as practical experimental formations of his theoretical self-instruction.

Film Listing

- Wien 17, Schumanngasse (1967, 3 mins)
- Hernals (1967, 11 mins)
- Safety Film (1968, 6 mins)
- Sugar Daddies (1968, 9 mins)
- Eroticon Sublim (1968, 2 mins)
- Der Ort Der Zeit (1985, 40 mins)
- Prince Of Peace (1993, 8 mins)
- (Calcutta) Go (1993, 9 mins)
- Wiener Underground (1969, 9 mins)

Special Features

- Wiener Underground (1969, 9 mins)
- 20-page booklet

Technical Specs

Director: Hans Scheugl
Year: 2008
Country: Austria
Duration: 97 min
Colour: Colour
Certificate: E