Iconoclasm - A Storm Of Images

Iconoclasm - A Storm Of Images


The filmmaker Johan van der Keuken was in his twenties in the sixties, the same age as the hero of the counterculture he evokes in A Storm of Images. To describe this phenomenon that swept through Europe and the United States he takes us to the Milky Way, a former industrial dairy in Amsterdam that was converted into a venue for music, theatre, poetry but which was also a meeting place for a whole generation that literally exploded and 'demanded happiness'.

It was a time of journeys to India considered as a promised land, of squatters who had invented a new way of life, of marches against war, the Army and Reagan and of clashes with the police… With its happenings and its total freedom of expression, the Milky Way could well have invented the slogan from the sixties 'Forbidding is forbidden'. It is strange to look back at this when we think of the smoking ban fifty years later…

Special Features

- Time (1984, 45 mins)
- Palestinians (1975, 45 mins)