Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Hardtimes Killin' Floor Blues

Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Hardtimes Killin' Floor Blues


Formed in 1980 by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, The Gun Club was one of the most important bands in the American punk scene. The group influenced a lot of artists and groups like The White Stripes, Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins, Sixteen Horsepower, or Noir Désir in France.

Henri-Jean Debon has been directing documentaries, short films and music videos, such as Noir Désir music videos for a long time. In 1992, Henri-Jean Debon filmed Jeffrey Lee Pierce, his idol. At that time, the singer lived in a relative loneliness in London. For a long time, the existence of these images was only known by a few people. Deeply affected by the death of the singer, Henri-Jean Debon put the footage aside for 15 years before deciding to finally make this film. Hardtimes Killin' Floor Blues is a raw slice of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s life during that period when the singer of the Gun Club had become – unwillingly – the caricature of what he had always dreamed: a real bluesman.

With: Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Cypress Grove (guitarist) and Nick Cave.

Special Features

- Unedited scenes (17 mins)