Bresson's classic film, adapted from a story by Tolstoy, tells of the tragic chain of events that ensue when two schoolboys pass a forged banknote in a photography shop. The note is transferred to the unwitting Yvon, a delivery driver, who is arrested for possessing it. Despite being cleared by the court, Yvon loses his job and becomes trapped in a disastrous spiral of theft, imprisonment and murder.

Made when Bresson was 80, and considered to be the last masterpiece of his remarkable 40-year career, L'Argent is shot in Bresson's influential minimalist style and explores his familiar themes of moral conflict, guilt, grace and redemption with extraordinary force and power.

Technical Specs

Director: Robert Bresson
Year: 1983
Country: France | Switzerland
Language: French | Latin
Duration: 82 min
Colour: Colour
Certificate: PG