Mad Love

Mad Love


It was only in the dying days of the Soviet regime that the work of the Russian film pioneer Evgenii Bauer was rediscovered and celebrated. Before a premature death in 1917 he made over 80 films, of which more than 20 survive. This selection highlights his preoccupation with doomed love and death as well as his creative use of light and mastery of camera movement.

Film Listing

- Twilight Of A Woman's Soul (1913, 48 min)
- After Death (1915, 46 min)
- The Dying Swan (1916, 49 min)

Technical Specs

Director: Evgenii Bauer
Year: 1913
Country: Soviet Union
Language: Silent | Russian
Duration: 145 min
Colour: B/W and Tinted
Certificate: PG