Man Of Violence

Man Of Violence


In a world of gangs and villains, one man – Moon – will stop at nothing to get the girl and take the spoils. Pete Walker's affectionate low-budget homage to the gangster thriller is packed with sights and sounds from a Britain about to swing out of the Sixties and into a somewhat less optimistic decade. It offers not only rare glimpses of a world gone by, but also some unexpected twists on generic convention.  The cast includes Hammer girls Luan Peters (Lust for a Vampire, Twins of Evil) and Virginia Wetherell (Doctor Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Demons of the Mind).

Special Features

- The Big Switch (1968, 75 mins)
- Original trailers for Man of Violence and The Big Switch
- Alternative 'Moon' title-card
- Booklet featuring contributions from Pete Walker, novelist Cathi Unsworth, producer and critic David McGillivray, and film historian Julian Petley

Technical Specs

Director: Pete Walker
Year: 1970
Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 104 min
Colour: Colour
Certificate: 18