Night Train

Night Train


Kawalerowicz's celebrated film is considered one of the finest achievements of Polish cinema. Employing a classic Hitchcockian premise – two people, one possibly a killer on the run, sharing a compartment on a crowded overnight train – Kawalerowicz turns a thriller into an intriguing character study of ordinary people in unusual circumstances.
Featuring impressive performances from Lucyna Winnicka (Mother Joan of the Angels), Zbigniew Cybulski and Leon Niemczyk (Knife in the Water), Night Train is more than simply a thriller... taut and gripping but also suffused with humour and warmth and boasting a wonderful jazz score by renowned composer Andrzej Trzaskowski.

Special Features

Essay by writer, editor and film historian Michael Brooke.

Technical Specs

Director: Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Year: 1959
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Duration: 94 min
Colour: B/W
Certificate: 12
Alternate Title: PociÄ…g