Photographed by Frank Hurley, South is the film record of Sir Ernest Shackleton's heroic but ill-starred attempt to cross Antarctica in 1914-16. It is both a unique historical document, and a tribute to the indomitable courage of a small party of men who set out on a voyage of discovery that turned into an epic struggle for survival. This restored version of the film has been constructed by the National Archive from a wide range of materials. The National Archive has applied its own tinting and toning to match the original prints, and has produced this handsome and richly coloured testament to a remarkable episode in the history of exploration.

Special Features

- Film commentary
- Additional footage of Shackleton's funeral and Southward on the Quest
- Footage of the Ross Sea Party, with commentary
- Extensive stills gallery

Technical Specs

Director: Frank Hurley
Year: 1919
Country: UK
Language: Silent | English
Duration: 80 min
Colour: B/W and Toned and Tinted
Certificate: E