That Kind Of Girl

That Kind Of Girl


In 1960s London, a beautiful continental au pair finds herself wrestling with the affections of an earnest peace-protester, a dashing young toff and a roguish older man. But fun and freedom turn to shame and despair when she finds that her naivety has put her lovers and their partners – including Janet, played by Big Zapper star Linda Marlowe – at risk. Stylishly shot in crisp black and white, set against a backdrop of smoky jazz clubs, 'Ban the Bomb' marches and evocative London locations, this finely tuned cautionary tale was the directorial debut of Gerry O'Hara (All the Right Noises, The Brute).

Special Features

- The People At No.19 (J.B. Holmes, 1948, 17 mins)
- No Place To Hide (Derrick Knight, 1959, 10 mins)
- A Sunday In September (James Hill, 1961, 28 mins)
- Now and Then: Interview With Robert Hartford-Davis (1968, 13 mins): That Kind of Girl's producer Robert Hartford-Davis discusses his film career and production methods
- Booklet featuring essays from novelist Cathi Unsworth and director Gerry O'Hara

Technical Specs

Director: Gerry O'Hara
Year: 1963
Duration: 74 min