The Joy Of Sex Education

The Joy Of Sex Education


From the earliest-known example, Whatsoever A Man Soweth (1917), to the comical, but ultimately serious, 'Ave You Got A Male Assistant Please Miss (1973), this unique anthology of 16 key titles takes in almost 60 years of the British sex education film.

Take a journey through the euphemisms, metaphors and diagrams of yore to discover the controversial attitude-changing works of the early 1970s. All matters unmentionable or otherwise, are dealt with here, from First World War warning to soldiers of the potential dangers of cavorting with loose women in London's West End, to puberty pep-talks for girls to scare stories to deter unwanted teenage pregnancies. By turns enlightening, entertaining and surprising, the range and type of works presented here will interest films fans, social historians and anyone interested to ensure that they stay on the road to health.

Film Listing

- Whatsoever A Man Soweth (Joseph Best, 1917, 38 mins)
- Any Evening After Work (British Instructional Films Ltd, 1930, 27 mins)
- How To Tell (British Instructional Films Ltd, 1931, 21 mins)
- The Mystery Of Marriage (Mary Field, 1932, 32 mins)
- A Test For Love (Vernon Sewell, 1937, 28 mins)
- Trial For Marriage (Central Council For Health Education Film Unit, 1936, 28 mins)
- The Road Of Health (Brian Salt, 1938, 11 mins)
- Six Little Jungle Boys (John Halas | Joy Bachelor, 1945, 9 mins)
- Love On Leave (Horace Shepherd, 1940, 33 mins)
- The People At No. 19 (J.B. Holmes, 1949, 17 mins)
- Growing Girls (Winifred Holmes, 1949, 12 mins)
- Learning To Live (Guy Fergusson | Phillip Satin, 1964, 19 mins)
- Her Name Was Ellie, His Name Was Lyle (Lothar Wolf, 1967, 28 mins)
- Growing Up (A New Approach To Sex Education) (Martin Cole, 1971, 23 mins)
- Don't Be Like Brenda (Hugh Baddeley, 1973, 8 mins)
- 'Ave You Got A Male Assistant Please Miss? (Graham Jones | Jon Astley, 1973, 4 mins)

Special Features

- New music scores for Whatsoever A Man Soweth, Any Evening After Work and How To Tell composed by Dave Formula from the British post-pink band Magazine
- Booklet including notes and credits on all of the films alongside new introductory essays