The Navigators

The Navigators


The Navigators follows the fortunes of a group of rail track workers based at a South Yorkshire depot, as the privatisation of British Rail takes effect. When 'Harpic', the depot boss, gives Paul, Mick and the rest of the gang their new working brief – the company's 'Mission Statement' – 'performance related pay' and unpaid holidays seem like a joke. But before long, the choice is made clear to the gang: take their chances with redundancy pay-off and life as casual agency workers, or toe the line and work for the new company under the new rules...

A superb ensemble cast – including Steve Huison (The Full Monty), Joe Duttine (Pie in the Sky), Tom Craig (Where the Heart Is) and veterans of the Northern entertainment circuit Venn Tracey, Dean Andrews, Sean Glenn and Charlie Brown – bring the embattled gang of workers to life with warmth, authenticity and genuine affection, the dry Yorkshire humour of their banter played with brilliant comic timing.

Special Features

- Railing Against It, a documentary made for BBC Television about the film's writer, Rob Dawber
- Making Tracks, an early British Transport Film
- Deleted scenes with editor's commentary
- Director's biography