The Other Side Of The Underneath

The Other Side Of The Underneath


Jane Arden's violent and powerful adaptation of her work with The Holocaust women's theatre troupe looks into the mind of a woman labeled schizophrenic and finds, not madness, but tortured sexual guilt created by the taboos of society.

"I don't know of anyone in cinema who has penetrated the psyche to the extent she has or evolved visual language of such richness and strength to convey what she has to say." – Molly Plowright, Glasgow Herald

Special Features

- Extended sequences (33 mins)
- Filmed interviews with Sheila Allen (2008, 27 mins) and Natasha Morgan (2007, 9 mins)
- Trailer for Anti-Clock (Jane Arden & Jack Bond, 1979, 3 mins)
- Booklet with essays by Susan Croft, Sophie Mayer, Amy Simmons, Penny Slinger; reviews, biographies and credits