The Sun In A Net

The Sun In A Net


Štefan Uher’s exquisite, groundbreaking film is consistently ranked amongst the greatest films in the history of Czechoslovak cinema. It is also recognised as the film that kick-started the "Czechoslovak New Wave", one of cinema’s great creative movements.

Bringing to the screen a number of then-unacceptable social and political themes (given the strict censorship of the time), combined with surprising sexual frankness and an exhilaratingly freewheeling approach, The Sun in a Net presented an authenticity in its depiction of ordinary lives that immediately struck a strong chord with audiences, consequently leading to the film being judged unsuitable by the authorities.

Technical Specs

Director: Štefan Uher
Year: 1962
Country: Czecholovakia
Language: Slovak | Czech
Duration: 90 min
Colour: B/W
Certificate: 15
Alternate Title: Slnko V Sieti