Under The Skin

Under The Skin


Sexy, dark and ultimately uplifting, Carine Adler's stylish debut gave Samantha Morton her first major feature film role in 1997. In this intimate exploration of a young woman's relationship with her mother and sister, things are going badly for Iris (Samantha Morton); her mother (Rita Tushingham) has been given only weeks to live and she feels increasingly distant from her happily married and heavily pregnant older sister Rose (Claire Rushbrook). Unable to deal with her grief and jealousy, Iris ditches her job, her flat and her boyfriend and prowls the streets looking for love in all the wrong places.

Special Features

- Fever (Carine Adler, 1994)
- Original trailer

Technical Specs

Director: Shane O'Sullivan
Year: 2011
Country: Ireland
Language: English | Japanese
Duration: 50 min
Colour: B/W & Colour
Certificate: E