Vampir Cuadecuc - Pere Portabella

Experimental documentary from director Pere Portabella. The film follows the shooting of Jesús Franco's 'Count Dracula' (1970) starring Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom and Soledad Miranda, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the production process accompanied by a soundtrack from Catalan artist and musician Carles Santos.
DVD Region: All



Guy Sherwin - Messages

Messages collects the personal and lyrical films of Guy Sherwin, one of the pre-eminent British film artists of the past forty years. The DVD features one of Sherwin's major film works Messages (1981-4) a meditation on childhood and language inspired by the work of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget and Sherwin's experience of his own daughter's development.
DVD Region: All



Ann Arbor Film Festival Volumes 1-10

Enjoy a decade of award-winning and select short films from the oldest experimental and avant-garde film festival in North America - The Ann Arbor Film Festival, founded by George Manupelli in 1963. This ten-volume set contains the first ten volumes of our DVD collection, containing films from Festivals 46-55. The mission of the Ann Arbor Film Festival is to promote bold, visionary filmmakers through the advancement of film and new media art; we seek to engage communities with remarkable cinematic experiences.
DVD Region: 1



Ann Arbor Film Festival Volume 11

The mission of the Ann Arbor Film Festival is to promote bold, visionary filmmakers through the advancement of film and new media art; we seek to engage communities with remarkable cinematic experiences.

- 601 Revir Drive by Josh Weissbach
- Silica by Pia Borg
- Sky Room by Marianna Milhorat
- Mariachi Plaza by Misho Antadze
- The Trigger of the Cone by Niyaz Saghari
- Blue Movie by Michael Morris
- Re-Vue by Dirk de Bruyn
- Shape of a Surface by Nazlı Dinçel
- An Empty Threat by Josh Lewis
DVD Region: 1



Ann Arbor Film Festival Volume 12

The mission of the Ann Arbor Film Festival is to promote bold, visionary filmmakers through the advancement of film and new media art; we seek to engage communities with remarkable cinematic experiences.

- Mudanza Contemporánea by Teo Guillem
- Object Dream by Kyungwon Song
- Flores (Flowers) by Vado Vergara
- Running in Circles by Ei Toshinari and Duy Nguyen
- Armed Lullaby by Yana Ugrekhelidze
- Pictured Rocks by Jack Cronin
- Flame by Sami van Ingen
- Sun Zoom Spark by Gina Kamentsky
- New Panther: A Call for Action by Sage Love and Nola Asantewaa
DVD Region: 1



Peter Tscherkassky - Exquisite Corpus

A dream narrative of a sleeping beauty ­ a nudist found unconscious on a beach ­ intertwining different films, different bodies, caresses, screams of shock and cries of ardour, The Exquisite Corpus works to collapse the line between the filmed body, Tscherkassky´s nudes in search of each other and of satisfaction, and the film body, the celluloid that has captured these bodies, the celluloid Tscherkassky meticulously manipulates in his darkroom.

- Blood Letting, 1981
- Film Of Love, 1982
- Holiday Film, 1983
- Tabula Rasa, 1989
- The Exquisite Corpus, 2015
DVD Region: All



Siegfried A. Fruhauf - Exposed

The fact that Siegfried Fruhauf´s films have a certain hypnotic effect cannot be denied. Battles of material take place in them, they contain reflections and illusions, soundtracks filled with noise and visual interference signals run riot; at the same time all the structural experiments the filmmaker risks never rigidify in the merely theoretical. Fruhauf´s cinema is extremely atmospheric and decidedly non-academic. On the contrary, it presents itself as being radically undogmatic, alternating between abstraction and representation, between punk and classicism.

Total running time: 65 min
Extra: 20 pages booklet, bilingual English-German
DVD Region: All



Mara Mattuschka / Chris Haring - Burning Down the Place

The films made in collaboration with the choreographer Chris Haring are explorations of performative processes and filmic narration. Haring stages his productions in bare spaces, from which Mattuschka makes films which correspond to cinematic rules of setting and dramaturgy. She extends her perspective as a painter into her cinematic approach. Up-close views of the body, from below, from above. Views which distort perspective. With digital retouching, she designs places, architectures, and spatialities.

- Part Time Heroes, 33 min, 2007
- Running Sushi, 28 min, 2008
- Burning Palace, 32 min, 2009
DVD Region: All



Peter Weibel: Bodyworks 1967 - 2003

"Most performance artists developed their actions from painting, or to be more precise, from action painting, to which they also remained visually and conceptually bound. My performances differ from other actions performed in the 1960s, for instance in Vienna and California, firstly, through their relation to media and secondly, through their relation to politics. Writing and the typewriter, photography, film and video are media and apparatus that enable a new écriture corporelle, a new body politics that is simultaneously a critique of traditional forms of representation as well as identity politics." - Peter Weibel
DVD Region: All



Le Film Est Déjà Commencé? - Maurice Lemaître

One of the founding works of letterist cinema, Le Film est déjà commencé? became a major event during its first screenings in Paris in 1951. Despite the critics’ lack of consideration, this film’s undeniable influence - direct or hidden - on the New Wave as much as on today’s cinema makes it a landmark in film history.
DVD Region: 2 | Blu-ray Region: B



New Contemporaries Moving Image 1968-2010

Produced to coincide with New Contemporaries' 65th anniversary, this compilation selected by world-renowned artists Ed Atkins, Harold Offeh and Catherine Yass, reveals the rich history of artists' moving image in New Contemporaries between 1968 and 2010.
DVD Region: 2



Seeing Through The Body - Takahiko Iimura

- Flowers (1968-69) 11 mins, Colour. Music by Tomomi Adachi (2007) With Yayoi Kusama (Body Painting) with performers Akiko iimura
- Face (1968-69) 19 mins, Colour. With Mario Montez, Donna Kerness, Linda / Voice over by Akiko iimura
DVD Region: 1



Sandy Ding - Psychoecho

Sandy Ding is an experimental filmmaker who lives and works in Beijing, China. He produced several psycho-active films with the idea of combining ritual process in projection and sound. His work is energy patterns, telling mysteries with abstractions or powerful symbolic elements.

Mancoon 10 min, 2007
Water Spell 42min, 2007
Prisms 20 min, 2012
Dream Enclosure 18 min, 2014
The Radio Wave Beneath the Dirt Ice and Flowers 10 min, 2006
River in the Castle 4 min, 2016
DVD Region: 2



Charlemagne Palestine: The Golden Sound

Born in New York City, composer, performer, and visual artist Charlemagne Palestine was a contemporary of Steve Reich and Phillip Glass in the avantgarde classical music scene of the 1960s and 1970s. On stages filled with his own home-made stuffed animals, Palestine performs his trance-like strumming music. He is often referred to as a minimal composer, but rejects that in favour of "maximalism". Anne Maregiano's documentary about Palestine, The Golden Sound (2011), allows the artist to tell his own story while putting his music and performance, in long, unedited takes, at the centre of the film…

Special Features
- The Red Suitcase, 10 min, 2011
- Body Music, 13 min, 1975
- Charlemagne 2: Piltzer, 22 min, 2002
- Sound Recording: March 7, 1975, 60 min, 2003
- 44 page booklet included
DVD Region: 2



William Raban: 72-82

The first ten years of the groundbreaking London arts organisation ACME are explored through rarely seen archival film and new interviews. Raban’s bold new film continues his ongoing examination of London’s stratified social geography by exploring a fertile, creative scene in which he played a significant part. Solely using archival visual materials, he revisits the first ten years of art organisation ACME, highlighting its work in housing artists in the East End.
DVD Region: 2



Tony Conrad: Dreaminimalsit

"Marie Losier is the most effervescent and psychologically accurate portrait artist working in film today. Her film wriggle with the energy and sweetness of a broken barrel full o' sugar worms!" - Guy Maddin

- The Flicker, Tony Conrad, 30 min, 1966
- Tony Conrad: Dreaminimalsit, Marie Losier, 26 min, 2008
- 24-page booklet by Tony Gresard
DVD Region: 2



Michael Snow: Rameau's Nephew By Diderot

Each of Michael Snow's works, spanning across painting, sculpture, video, film, photography, holography, drawing, publishing and music, invites us to experience, question and contemplate the representation, its process and material. Rameau's Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen illustrates his research both in the visual arts and in sound: For me, it is an authentic 'talking picture,' built from the true units of the syllable and the frame. All the possible image/sound relationships centering around people and speech generate the movie-audience relationships: a wide range of emotional possibilities; the experience of seeing/hearing this film. 'Speech,' 'Language,' 'Culture' - their sources, their nature... recorded, imaged, prove (?) that in this case a word is worth 1000 pictures.

- The 4-1/4-hour film on two DVDs
- 184-page bilingual book by Ivora Cusack and Stéfani de Loppinot, prefaced by Michael Snow and translated by Pip Chodorov
DVD Region: 2



Marc Karlin: Look Again (Book)

This book provides almost the only published material on the work of Marc Karlin. On his death in 1999, Karlin was commemorated as one of the visionaries of independent British film culture, with its roots in the seventies and its expansion in the first decades of Channel 4 television. This edited collection will profile his films and ideas, drawing exclusively on documents and correspondence from his recently recovered archive.



Riki Kalbe - 15 Films

Riki Kalbe was a Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer, a networker, a collector of images and stories. In her work she discovered metaphorical universes in concrete objects, she invented the feminist hacker avant la lettre, and she researched stories of the everyday and the question of memory and remembrance.

Special features
16 pages booklet
DVD Region: Free