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17 September 2017: A Fleeting Passage to the Orient


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Mozart Enigma (Mozart Minute 10)
Ruth Beckermann
2006 | 1 min | Colour | DCP

Mozart Enigma is an ironic comment on biographical pseudo-documentaries. Envisioning a person? Is that possible? Why not go to a fortune teller, take off your wig and have your cards read?

A Fleeting Passage to the Orient
Ruth Beckermann
1999 | 82 min | Colour | DCP

“The filmmaker decides to trace Sisi’s travels to the Orient, even though the results were uncertain. With great openness, she embarks on a journey, with the risk of perhaps discovering nothing at all: no clues to the real figure behind the fairytale princess, no answer to the question of how one deals with foreign countries as a privileged traveller. As the first-person narrator, the filmmaker thinks about images: forbidden, official, falsified and genuine, incidentally including in her reflections the problem of the tourist’s view of things, which not even she can escape.” – Stefan Grissemann

Part of our season on Ruth Beckermann, curated and introduced by Colm McAuliffe.






A Fleeting Passage to the Orient Sunday 17.09.17 6:00 pm Book