4 - 17 April 2014: This Is Now: Film and Video after Punk

Our friends at the BFI are offering Close-Up Members exclusive BFI Members rates on all tickets in their "This is Now: Film and Video After Punk" season this April. The £1.50 discount can be redeemed in person, over the phone on 0207 928 3232, and online by quoting "close up” (for online booking please enter the promo "close up" before selecting your seats).
Tickets from £7, for a full list of films go to http://bit.ly/1lBbHcS
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Loneliness Is Freedom

By Tiago de Luca

Tsai Ming-liang has recently announced that his latest and as-of-yet unreleased film Stray Dogs (Jiao you, 2013) could well be his last cinematic work, as he will now concentrate on making "short art films" for the art museum.

Disembodied Intercourse: Reflections on Virginia Woolf's 'The Sun and the Fish'

By Dalia Neis

'The Sun and the Fish' operates at once and the same time as primeval ritual and as a cinematic spectacle reduced to its archaic forms, with nature as its primal maker and the witnesses of the world as its spectator.

Charlemagne Palestine, The Golden Sound

By Michael Garrad

Anne Maregiano's documentary about Charlemagne Palestine, The Golden Sound, allows the artist to tell his own story while putting his music and performance at the centre of the film. In 2011, Maregiano presented her film at the Sottovoce Festival in London, followed by a Q&A with the audience.