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Just over a year ago we were presented with the exciting opportunity to create our own cinema and establish a unique film centre in East London.

There have been many exciting developments along the way as the scale of the project has grown significantly. This has also pushed us to the edge of our financial resources so we have launched a fundraising campaign to raise the vital funds needed to make this project a success.

Your support at this stage is essential:

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We will keep you informed with updates throughout the project and look forward to welcoming you in September!



Monument Film: An Interview with Peter Kubelka

By Pamela Jahn

Following the recent release of Martina Kudláček's Fragments Of Kubelka, read Peter Kulbelka in an interview with Pamela Jahn.

Loneliness Is Freedom

By Tiago de Luca

Tsai Ming-liang has recently announced that his latest and as-of-yet unreleased film Stray Dogs (Jiao you, 2013) could well be his last cinematic work, as he will now concentrate on making "short art films" for the art museum.

Disembodied Intercourse: Reflections on Virginia Woolf's 'The Sun and the Fish'

By Dalia Neis

'The Sun and the Fish' operates at once and the same time as primeval ritual and as a cinematic spectacle reduced to its archaic forms, with nature as its primal maker and the witnesses of the world as its spectator.