Terms & Conditions of Membership

1. Account Options and Required Documents
- Student Discounted Membership £8 per month: Proof of Student ID and debit or credit card
- Membership £10 per month: Proof of ID and debit or credit card
- Membership £100 per year: Proof of ID
- Pay-As-You-Go customer (1 DVD: £3; 3 DVDs: £6): Proof of ID and £10 deposit

2. Membership Benefits
- Unlimited access to the library (back catalogue, new releases & books)
- Up to three items at a time
- Discounts to all our screenings

3. Membership Payments
Close-Up will charge £10/month to your credit/debit card on your sign-up date and then subsequently on the same date each month until you cancel your membership. If the date of the initial payment is after the 28th of the month, all following subscription payments are scheduled for the 28th of each month. This charge will appear on your monthly credit/debit card statement.

The subscription fee may be paid by a person other than the Member. The payment cardholder must take responsibility for the subscription payments, and the Member’s compliance with these Terms and Conditions including replacement and late fees.

If you have purchased Close-Up Membership online your membership card will be held at the Library for collection. Only the payment cardholder can collect the membership card unless we have been notified otherwise, please bring ID to collect your card.

If you have purchased Student Discounted Membership you must also bring a valid NUS or University Student Card to collect your card.

4. Student Discounted Membership
Student Discounted Membership is offered to all students with a valid NUS or University Student Card. The membership entitles you to a £2 discount on monthly payments until you decide to cancel your membership or until your membership lapses. Offer available for a limited period only.

Close-Up reserves the right to not accept ID that they deem invalid or fraudulent. Close-Up reserves the right to terminate this discount with 28 days notice.

Student Discounted membership does not entitle you to a second named guest to use the account. The Membership is for the named student only. You must produce proof of student ID alongside your membership card at any time.

5. Loan Times and Overdue Fees
New releases: 1 night. All other films: 14 nights. Books: 21 nights. Items must be returned on their due date by 8.30pm. Items returned after the due date will incur a late fee charged at £1 per night per item. All late fees must be paid before any further loans.

6. Card, Password and Shared Memberships
Your card and password are strictly personal. Proof of ID may be requested should you not produce your card. You can add one guest to your account, but you will remain responsible for any person authorised to use your account, excludes Student Discount Membership. Any fees or charges on the account will have to be paid before further loans, regardless of who has incurred them.

7. Care of DVDs, Books and viewing problems
All films and books remain the property of Close-Up Film Centre Ltd. Once on loan the care of the item becomes the responsibility of the member until its return.

Each film returned that presented a viewing problem will be checked by a member of staff. Once checked and if the disc is at fault the disc will be repaired or replaced (a credit will be given to pay-as-you-go customers).

We cannot accept any responsibility for problems associated with playing discs on PCs, or consoles, or the unlikely event of hardware being damaged while playing our films. We reserve the right to charge costs incurred in replacing any item damaged, lost or stolen while in the member/customer's care. All replacements will be charged at the current retail price.

8. Cancellation Policy
Written cancellation requests must be received 24hours before renewal date, either by email or letter to Close-Up (info@closeupfilmcentre.com) by the payment cardholder. Please note that cancellation requests need to be made with Close-Up and not your card issuer or bank.

Any outstanding fees must be settled before cancellation. Note that your membership will automatically be renewed if any items are still on loan by the Membership expiry date. We reserve the right to charge late & replacement fees to your card automatically.

Disputes must be made within six months and there will be no refund unless you can provide evidence of an error on our part.

Pay-As-You-Go customers
You can cancel your account at any time in person at Close-Up with your customer card or ID. Any outstanding fees must be settled before cancellation. Your deposit will be refunded in full on the day of cancellation unless there are outstanding fees on your account.