California Trilogy

California Trilogy


Produced at the junction of two millennia, the California Trilogy is James Benning's three-part topographical study of America's "Golden State". Looking to the past while investigating the present, the mathematician-turned-filmmaker condenses three distinct Californian landscapes into a total of 105 shots, each exactly 2½ minutes long. Formal restraint and compositional precision combine with ambient sound and an unheard social commentary to create a hypnotic journey across the 31st US State; from the Great Central Valley (El Valley Centro) through greater Los Angeles (Los) to the Californian wilderness (Sogobi).

Film Listing

- El Valley Centro (1999, 87 min)
- Los (2000, 87 min)
- Sogobi (2001, 87 min)

Technical Specs

Director: James Benning
Year: 2001
Country: USA
Duration: 261 min
Colour: Colour
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1
Certificate: E