Support Close-Up's New Cinema

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Just over a year ago we were presented with the exciting opportunity to create our own cinema and establish a unique film centre in East London.

There have been many exciting developments along the way as the scale of the project has grown significantly. This has also pushed us to the edge of our financial resources so we have launched a fundraising campaign to raise the vital funds needed to make this project a success.

Your support at this stage is essential, please donate:

The Venue

Our repertory cinema will cover the entire history of the medium, as well as presenting auteur cinema and radical new artists' films and videos. Whilst all other cinemas are converting to digital, Close-Up will continue to offer 16mm and 35mm reel-to-reel as well as digital projection.


The café will be the perfect place to relax, browse the Library, meet friends for coffee and in the evenings meet directors and filmmakers in post screening discussion.

The cinema will also be available to host press screenings, corporate hire and presentations. With 40 comfortable seats, the theatre will be fully accessible for two wheelchairs, and equipped with DCI compliant digital projection (DCP), reel-to-reel 35mm, 16mm, DV, Beta SP etc, and a 5.1 surround sound system.

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Your contribution is vital not only to safeguard the successful completion of the cinema but also to keep our Library open until then.