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15 - 22 July 2018: Au hasard Balthazar


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Au hasard Balthazar
Robert Bresson
1966 | 91 min | B/W | 35mm
French with English subtitles
Introduced by Christopher Kul-Want

"The title character of Au hasard Balthazar is perhaps the most perfect example of the Bressonian "model": a donkey. Although clearly not acting, Balthazar becomes a compelling and profoundly moving protagonist. The film opens with a young Balthazar being acquired by a man with a young son and daughter. Over the course of the film, the lives of the donkey and the girl are shown in parallel as each approaches maturity.  As the film follows Balthazar from owner to owner, these figures present a panorama of human vices and virtues, and the narrative proceeds with the simplicity of a parable: the virtuous owners treat Balthazar well, and the vicious ones make him suffer." – Harvard Film Archive

Part of our Jacques Rancière programme


Christopher Kul-Want is Course leader of the MRes in Art Theory and Philosophy at Central Saint Martins, and author of Philosophers on Cinema, From Bergson to Badiou, A Critical Reader (Columbia University press, forthcoming).






Au hasard Balthazar Sunday 22.07.18 6:00 pm Book