Close Up

9 - 20 March 2019: Ashik Kerib


Ashik Kerib
Sergei Parajanov, 1988, 78 min, 35mm
Azerbaijani with English subtitles
Introduced by Stefan Williamson-Fa

"Parajanov’s last film is based on an orientially inspired poem by Russian romantic poet Mikhail Lermontov tells the story of the poor wandering singer Ashik Kerib, who falls in love with the daughter of a rich merchant. He then sends the young poet on a journey lasting a thousand days so he can find his fortune. He is only able to make it back home in time from his adventure-filled tour to marry his sweetheart with the help of Saint George. A visual circular dance shot in the area around Baku (Azerbaijan) in various languages that resembles 1001 Nights, rich in ornaments, metaphors and symbols, in meticulously mounted composition full of warmth and self-deprecation." – Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art

Part of our Close-Up on Sergei Parajanov