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27 March 2022: Mara Mattuschka: Different Faces of an Anti-Diva


Mara Mattuschka: Different Faces of an Anti-Diva
Elisabeth M. Klocker, 2013, 90 min

"Anyone already damned need not fear being damned. In Elisabeth M. Klocker´s film Different Faces of an Anti-Diva, the artist Mara Mattuschka tells how one of her Bulgarian ancestors made a blasphemous speech for which he and the next nine generations of the family were cursed. The way Mattuschka tells it, this fate almost sounds like fun. In any case, she lives out her fearlessness with pleasure." – Eve Heller

The film portrait on the artist by Elisabeth Maria Klocker, who accompanied Mara Mattuschka over a longer period of time, shows Mattuschka’s complexity, her high degree of professionalism and the enthusiasm she brings to all her work – as well as her irony and humour and her courage in taking on new and different roles. Despite her success and international acclaim, Mara Mattuschka has remained unassuming; she calmly talks about her penchant for imperfection. Klocker’s film is a kaleidoscopic snapshot of a unique artistic oeuvre and talent.

Part of Mara Mattuschka: Different Faces of an Anti-Diva