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5 March 2022: Mara Mattuschka: Early Shorts


Early Shorts

"Look at what I´ve got here," says Mimi when she lifts her skirt up, "Is that real...?"

From the 1980s on, Mattuschka shot numerous short, experimental films made of mix techniques, almost all using her alter ego’s body, Mimi Minus, as the medium.

NabelFabel, 1984, 4 min, 16mm
Ball-Head, 1985, 6 min, 16mm
I Have Been Very Pleased, 1987, 2 min, 16mm
Caesarean Section, 1987, 4 min, 16mm
Beauty and the Beast, 1993, 10 min, 16mm
S.O.S. Extraterrestria, 1993, 10 min, 16mm
ID, 2003, 10 min
Comeback, 2005, 14 min

Part of Mara Mattuschka: Different Faces of an Anti-Diva