Love Is The Devil

Love Is The Devil


Exploring the territory where art, love and sex collide, Love Is the Devil charts the powerful and dangerous relationship between one of Britain's most controversial artists, Francis Bacon (Derek Jacobi) and his lover and muse George Dyer (Daniel Craig). This is a dazzling, audacious feature from one of Britains most exciting directors (The Edge of Love, The Jacket) portraying a bawdy, decadent world of artists studio, casinos and late night bars, including the infamous Colony Room Club, presided over by foul-mouthed patroness Muriel Belcher (Tilda Swinton).

Derek Jacobi's portrayal of Bacon is precise and mesmerising, whilst Daniel Craig gives a raw, expressive performance as the tough petty thief who became the model for some of Bacon's most intense and celebrated paintings, his ultimate vulnerability throwing his lovers glory into sharp relief. The film's fantastic visual style captures the extraordinary dynamism of Bacon's art; the lighting and colour palette are inspired by his work, and the films atmosphere is one of both beauty and grotesque.

Special Features

- Feature commentary by John Maybury and Derek Jacobi
- The Colony: feature documentary (16 mins)
- Interview with producers Ben Gibson and Chiara Menage
- Booklet with essays by Michael O'Pray and Sir Christopher Frayling