Film Programmes


07 Dec: Relentless Melt No. 31: Abstract and Experimental Animation from Hong Kong
03 Dec: Take Two: Marianne of My Youth / Madhumati
24 Nov: The Trial followed by Q&A with Ulises de la Orden
02 Nov: Close-Up on Terence Davies
01 Oct: Close-Up on Andrei Tarkovsky
23 Sep: Content Anxiety
14 Sep: It Matters What & In Vivo followed by Q&A with Franci Duran & Karel Doing
07 Sep: Open City Documentary Festival – The Art of Non-Fiction
01 Sep: Filmfarsi introduced by Ehsan Khoshbakht
19 Aug: Tomorrow’s History
11 Aug: Close-Up on Lars von Trier
07 Aug: Alex MacKenzie: Experiments for a Single Projector
22 Jul: Susu Laroche: Tzars of Eros
07 Jul: Close-Up on István Szabó
01 Jul: Blockade, Landscape & Revue: 3 Films by Sergei Loznitsa
28 Jun: And Towards Happy Alleys followed by Q&A with Sreemoyee Singh
13 Jun: Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors introduced by Ian Penman
28 May: Julius-Amédée Laou: Short, Sharp Shocks
16 May: Storming Heaven IV
14 May: 'Still Living': Frans Zwartjes Album Launch
02 Apr: Kieślowski’s Three Colours
01 Apr: GAZWRX: The Films of Jeff Keen
29 Mar: Serpentine Cinema: Menelaos Karamaghiolis
25 Mar: Storming Heaven III
19 Mar: Kenneth Anger: Magick Lantern Cycle
18 Mar: Radio On introduced by Chris Petit
05 Mar: Spring Night, Summer Night introduced by Peter Conheim
04 Mar: Everything But The World
18 Feb: Close-Up on Danny Lyon
05 Feb: Non-Aligned Film Archives 02: Regards Inversés (Med Hondo)
29 Jan: Never on Sunday
26 Jan: Treatment: The House Is Black + Face of our Fear
13 Jan: Strange Objects: Reflections on British Colonial Legacies
01 Jan: Yasujirō Ozu: Noriko Trilogy
01 Jan: Histoire(s) du cinéma